What is Cobra PhoneLynx?

It is currently estimated that 25% of Americans have already eliminated their landlines and are “cell phone only” households.   This percentage is expected to increase markedly over the next several years, given the country’s aging land line infrastructure and the fact that 99% of the U.S. population is now covered by at least one wireless provider.

Simply put, Cobra PhoneLynx™ is the one device that bridges the old ‘land line’ technology and the cell phone by turning your home phone system into an extension of your cell phone. PhoneLynx eliminates your land line bill, without eliminating the convenience of your home handset. And links your existing cell phone to your home handset allowing you to maximize your dollars by using your cell minutes on your home phone system.

…no new phones, no new services just one Cobra PhoneLynx™.

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2011 CES Innovations Award

2011 CES Innovations Award Winner