Cobra PhoneLynx for Android

Cobra PhoneLynx for Android gives you the same benefits as the standard unit, but also offers you exclusive features only for Android users like:

Easy Set Up and User Experience

Android SettingsWith the easy to navigate app, users can take advantage of the additional Android extras fast and easy.

Speed Dial

Android Speed dialThe Speed Dial function allows the user to save your most frequently dialed contacts in a Speed Dial list. Once added and saved, they are shown on the Speed Dial screen in the PhoneLynx App and labeled with a number.

Alarm Clock

Android Alarm ClockSee the screen shot in the presentation. Create and set an alarm to ring on all of the home phones and at designated times. Note, App must be running for these alarms to function properly.

Voice Dial

Android Voice DialVoice Dial is set to ON by default. Voice Dial allows access to the powerful voice dialing capabilities of this Android phone from any home phone handset. It is a very powerful feature and not offered by a traditional home phone land line connection. To use, pick up any home phone and dial **2 and wait for the voice dialing prompts from the Android phone to complete a call using their voice. Typically, calls can be made to any number in your address book by simply using your voice.


Android VoicemailVoicemail allows easy access to the mobile phone’s voicemail from any home phone.

The paired phone, running this App, will share its voicemail access number with the PhoneLynx. Picking up any home phone and dialing **8 (V is number 8 on the keypad) will dial out to the voicemail box.

Auto Handsfree

Android Auto HandsfreeAuto Handsfree allows advanced user control over when and how the PhoneLynx and paired mobile phone connect. Auto Handsfree set to ON is the default operation mode. If set to ON, then the mobile phone will automatically route audio to the PhoneLynx when the two devices are in Bluetooth® range The PhoneLynx will automatically take over the audio from the call when in range with most mobile phones. It will switch over as you walk into the home or office and approach the PhoneLynx. If set to OFF, the user will be allowed to connect manually. This gives more control if you normally enter the Home or Office while in the middle of a call. Switch over to the PhoneLynx BT215, as the phone audio source, is now done by pressing and releasing the button on the PhoneLynx unit.

Message Waiting

Blinks the home phone message waiting light when a voicemail is waiting on your mobile phone. This truly makes it a land line replacement.